2021 BEST PUBG Mobile Sensitivity, Control Layout, Graphics Settings

Are you worrying about the best PUBG mobile setting? Are you struggling to improve your PUBG mobile gameplay? Do your PUBG friends call you a NOOB player? Well, if “Yes” then you are in the right guide. I want to welcome you to “Gamers Ideas“. This post is the Ultimate guide which will help you guys to improve you PUBG mobile gameplay.

Here in this post you will find every PUBG Mobile Sensitivity, Control Layout, Graphics Settings etc which are required to improve the gameplay.

PUBG mobile settings

If you are reading this post, then you must be a PUBG player. Actually I am also a PUBG player. I was also a NOOB player before some months. To be clear guys, I was too NOOB. I was so much noob that I was afraid to play classic games. My hands used to share while playing PUBG classic matches.

But I researched about “PUBG mobile settings” and made changes in my PUBG mobile graphics settings, PUBG mobile sensitivity settings and PUBG mobile control layout. Now I can play the game properly. And my Killing Density “KD” has also increased to 5.8.

The information you will get from this post are given below:

  1. Best PUBG Mobile basic settings.
  2. Best PUBG Mobile Graphics settings.
  3. Best PUBG Mobile Control Layout. (2 finger, 3 finger, 4 finger, 5 finger and 6 finger layout guide)
  4. Best PUBG Mobile Sensitivity settings.
  5. Best Pick Up Setting.
  6. Best Vehicle Control Setting.
  7. Best Scope Setting.
  8. Best Damage Color setting.

I will also provide you some examples of PRO competitive players with their settings, sensitivity and graphics settings. And I know if you are a serious PUBG gamers and want to improve your gameplay, you will read this post completely. All the information and ideas provided are well researched and experimented by myself.

And friends I will provide you the best example of PUBG 2 finger layout, 3 finger claw, 4 finger claw, 5 finger claw and 6 finger claw. I will also provide you the PUBG pro player name using these claw layouts. So friends I want you all to read this post properly and completely to get some good information about best PUBG mobile settings 2021.

Best PUBG Mobile settings – Basic

Now here in this paragraph I will provide you all the best basic “PUBG Mobile settings 2021” to improve your gameplay. I will provide you the basic settings used by me here. Most of the people ignore these basic settings and they are unable to improve their PUBG gameplay. I will provide you the best basic PUBG mobile settings in points.

The best Basic PUBG mobile settings are given below:

  1. Aim Assist: You will find the Aim Assist option enabled by default. The best setting for Aim Assist is to “Enable” it. Because while playing competitive matches it helps a lot. And most of the PRO players also Enable this option. But some of them Disable also. I think my gameplay has increased by enabling this option.
  2. Bolt-Action and Crossbow firing mode: You can set this option to “Tap”.
  3. Blocked sight warning: You will find this option “Enabled” by default. By enabling this option, it will show you a sign indicating that your bullets are blocked by some objects or obstacles. You cannot shoot from this position. I enable this option and it helps too.
  4. Shotgun firing mode: You can set this option to “Tap”.
  5. Peek and fire: Set this option to “Enable”. Peek and Fire helps a lot in gameplay.
  6. Peek and Open Scope: You must set this option to “Disable”. But if you are a thumb and 3 finger player you must “Enable” this option for better reflex.
  7. Lean mode: You can set this Lean mode to “Hold”. If you set this mode to “Tap” then your reflex may be slower than hold.
  8. Scope Mode: Set this mode to “Hold”. The reason is same as lean mode.
  9. Display Left Side Fire Button: Set this as “Always On”.
  10. Aim Features: This is the new features available in PUBG mobile. You can set this option to “Hold”.
  11. Gyroscope: If you are a Gyro player set this to “Always On”. And for Non-Gyro player set it to “Close”.
  12. Auto Open Doors: Enable
  13. Healing Prompt: Enable
  14. Play Emote: Enable
  15. Slide: Enable
  16. Jump / Climb: Combined. Or you can use a separate Jump and Climb button.
  17. Slide: Enable
  18. Death Replay: Enable
  19. Universal Mark: Enable
  20. FPP Swap: Enable
  21. 1st Person Perspective Camera View: 90. This higher value will help you to view broader.

These are the best basic setting for PUBG mobile. Most of the professional players also use this PUBG mobile settings to improve gameplay. So you must also try these settings now and feel the difference.

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Best PUBG Mobile Graphics settings

Graphics settings plays a vital role to improve your gameplay. And guys PUBG mobile graphics settings differs according to the mobile device. Higher variant mobile phones support high graphics and lower variant devices support low graphics. Nowadays we can see two different graphics settings. One setting is for Lobby and second is for Combat. I think the lobby graphics does not matter much, but the combat graphics matters a lot. Now I will provide you the PUBG Mobile graphics settings which most of the PUBG pros use nowadays.

PUBG Mobile graphics settings for Combat:

There are graphics options like Smooth, Balanced, HD, HDR, Ultra HD and UHD. PUBG Mobile graphics settings also helps you to spot enemies easily. And friends the lagging problem in PUBG Mobile may also occur due to improper graphics setting. As I have already said that the PUBG Mobile graphics settings can differ according to the device variant.  The highest graphics option available in PUBG mobile is UHD.

The best PUBG Mobile Graphics Settings for better gameplay is: Smooth and Frame rate must be Extreme. For easy understanding “Smooth – Extreme” is best and most of the PROs use this setting. And you can use the style as “COLORFUL”.

If you have higher variant devices, then you can play in higher graphics options. The top higher variant devices for PUBG are given below:

  1. iPhone 12 Pro Max
  2. Asus ROG Phone 5
  3. Lenovo Legion Phone Duel
  4. Nubia Red Magic 5G
  5. Black Shark 3
  6. Razer Phone 2
  7. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

PUBG Mobile graphics settings for Lobby:

You can use any graphics options for Lobby. Because it does not affect your gameplay. The lobby graphic setting is for dashboard. You can also use the same graphics setting used in combat for Lobby also.

You can use “Smooth – Extreme”. And you can select style to “COLORFUL”.

PUBG Mobile Control Layout Setting

The main thing which should be perfect to improve PUBG Mobile gameplay is the pubg mobile control layout. PUBG Mobile control layout is the most important factor which decides your gameplay. If your control layout is comfortable and if you are habituate with your control layout, your gameplay will obviously be good.

And friends you can also perform clutches and reflex properly if you have a perfect pubg mobile control layout.

There are three types of PUBG layout available. They are Left: movement and Right: Fire (fixed button), Left: movement and Right: Fire (floating button) and finally Left: movement (fixed button) and Right: Fire (fixed button). I prefer using first layout option.

Now we will talk about the best PUBG Mobile control layout used by PUBG gamers in 2021. Most famous PUBG Mobile control layout are given below:

  1. Two finger or Thumb player.
  2. 3 Finger Layout
  3. 4 Finger Claw
  4. 5 Finger Claw
  5. 6 Finger Claw

These are the mostly used PUBG Mobile control layout. And also among them Two finger and Four finger claw are more used by PUBG Mobile players. In further paragraph I will provide you the best PUBG Mobile control layout for each finger. And also I will provide the name of PRO player using that layout.

Two Finger Layout or Thumb Player

Two finger is one of the easy to learn PUBG mobile control layout. Many competitive players use this two finger Layout nowadays.

When it comes to 2 finger layout, the players name that come in our mind is always TSM Entity Jonathan and Mavi. These two players are the king of two finger layout. They have mastered this layout. And they are both competitive players. Jonathan and Mavi are both from India.

Jonathan Control Layout

Jonathan Control Layout

  1. Jonathan uses 50% joystick button size.
  2. Jonathan PUBG mobile control layout code is: 6893-4281-0807-7566-7333
  3. Jonathan PUBG mobile ID is: 5112616229
  4. You can check find Jonathan on YouTube as: Jonathan Gaming

Mavi Control Layout

Mavi Control Layout

  1. Mavi uses 100% joystick size.
  2. You can find Mavi on YouTube as: Toxic Mavi

Three Finger PUBG Mobile Layout

Three finger is also an easy control layout. It has one finger extra than two finger layout. So you can use that finger for firing.

When it comes to 3 finger PUBG Mobile layout, we will always remember NV – Paraboy. The best PUBG player in the World. He also uses 3 finger layout. I will provide you Paraboy’s layout below.

If you are a beginner in PUBG you can try this 3 finger layout. Because it is easy for being used to with it. So you can go for 3 finger layout.

Paraboy 3 Finger Control Layout

Paraboy is the best PUBG player I have ever seen. His clutches and reflexes are awesome. Paraboy is from china. And he plays PUBG from team Nova XQF.

Paraboy 3 Finger Control Layout

  1. Paraboy uses 250% joystick button size.
  2. Paraboy uses the third (left movement fixed and right fire fixed) layout.
  3. Parboy PUBG mobile control code is: 6893-3783-9701-2494-747

Four Finger PUBG Mobile Layout

The best and the easy PUBG Mobile control layout is four finger claw. Most of the PUBG pro players use this four finger PUBG mobile layout nowadays. You can control all the PUBG buttons easily with four fingers. It will help you most on Peek and Fire. Because it makes a lot easier than 2 finger and 3 finger layout.

Top PUBG players using 4 finger layout are:

  1. Scout
  2. Snax
  3. 4AM 33Svan
  4. Tacaz

These are the top players using 4 finger claw. And now I will provide you the 4 finger PUBG mobile control layout of these players.

Scout PUBG ID 2021, Control Code, Layout

Scout is one of the best PUBG player from India. Before he was playing PUBG from team Fnatic. But later he started to play PUBG from team Orange Rock. Scout is a 4 finger pro-competitive player.


  1. Scout PUBG ID 2021 is: 5144286984
  2. Scout PUBG Control Code is: 6960-5089-0408-4604-907
  3. You can see Scout gameplay in YouTube from his official channel: sc0ut

Snax PUBG Control Code, Layout

Snax is well known for DP. We can see Snax killing most of the enemies with DP. Snax is also an Indian PUBG player and streamer. He plays competitive scrims and tournament from Team IND.

Snax PUBG Control

  1. Snax firing button is at right button.
  2. Snax uses 50% joystick size.
  3. Snax PUBG mobile control layout code is: 6916-3286-3094-1910-227
  4. You can watch Snax streams from: Snax Gaming

4AM 33Svan Control layout

4AM 33Svan is a Chinese player who plays competitive scrims and tournament from team 4AM. 4AM I one of best teams in the world.

4AM 33Svan Control layout

  1. 4AM 33Svan layout control code is: 6893-3604-2712-5184-896

Tacaz PUBG Mobile Control Code, Layout

Tacaz is a PUBG mobile streamer. He plays solo vs squad PUBG matches most of the time. And he plays awesome. Most of the people are asking, where is Tacaz from?

Tacaz PUBG Mobile Control

  1. Tacaz is from Vietnam.
  2. Tacaz PUBG mobile control code layout is: 6960-5097-0015-3016-382
  3. You can watch tacaz gameplay from: Tacaz Gaming

Five Finger PUBG Mobile Layout

Five finger PUBG mobile control setting is very nice but a bit hard to learn. Most of the Chinese pro players use this five finger layout. There not so difference between 4 finger and 5 five finger layout. You will get one finger extra in 5 finger. So you can use that finger for crouch. This will help you to improve your gameplay very much.

NV-Order Control Layout

When it comes to five finger, NV Order is always remembered. Order plays competitive scrims and tournament from Nova XQF team. NV Order and NV Paraboy always plays from the first line up. NV Order is known from his close range skills. He close range fights are awesome. You can also watch Order gameplay from: NV Order

NV-Order Control Layout

Six Finger PUBG Mobile Layout

Six finger is the most complex layout among 2, 3, 4 and 5 finger layout. When it comes to six finger control layout, we will remember one legend player Feitz. Feitz plays pubg mobile with 6 finger claw very nicely. We can say that he has mastered six finger claw. You can watch his videos from his official channel: Feitz – PUBG Mobile.

Feitz Six FInger Control Layout

Feitz Six FInger Control Layout

PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings

Now we will be talking about the sensitivity. This is also the important factor which determines your gameplay. The main reason for sensitivity setting is to decrease the recoil. Here in this paragraph I will provide you sensitivity setting for both Gyroscope and Non-Gyroscope players.

PUBG Mobile Gyroscope Sensitivity

I am also a gyroscope player. This is the best setting that has helped me to improve my gameplay. I will provide you the bets PUBG Mobile Gyroscope Sensitivity below. You can also use this to decrease the recoil while firing.

PUBG Mobile Gyroscope Sensitivity

PUBG Mobile Non-Gyroscope Sensitivity

The are many pro players who does not use Gyroscope. And the well renowned Non-Gyro player is BTR-Luxxy. So the best NON-Gyro PUBG mobile sensitivity is given below. You can use those sensitivity to improve your gameplay.

PUBG Mobile Non-Gyroscope Sensitivity

Best PUBG Mobile Vehicle Control

This setting helps you to drive properly in PUBG mobile. There are three layout options for vehicle control. They are given below:

  1. Button Control
  2. Single Joystick
  3. Split Joystick

You can use any of one layout options for driving. After installing PUBG mobile by button control layout will be the default setting for driving. And I also prefer this layout.

Because in my case I used to play many racing games before. And the control layout in those game will be same like PUBG mobile vehicle button control layout. So I am already familiar with this layout. And I use this button control layout for driving. You guys can also go for the same. It’s easy to control.

Other PUBG Mobile Settings

Now rest of the settings of PUBG Mobile game are given below:

  • Auto Pick-Up: ON
  • Auto Pick-up pistols: ON
  • Auto Pick-up Scope: ON
  • Auto Pick-up Canted Sight: ON
  • Stop auto pick-up when list is collapsed: ON
  • Auto pickup level 3 backpacks: ON
  • Auto-Equip Scope: ON
  • Mag Pickup Priority: Extended
  • Ammo pickup: Default setting. If you want to modify, then you can.
  • Recovery item pickup: Default
  • Grenade pickup: Default
  • Scope pickup: Default. If you want to change, you can.
  • Scope Color: Red Color. Because it helps me to target properly. And it is easily visible too.
  • Quick Scope Switch: ON
  • Audio: Ultra HD
  • Hit Effect color: Yellow
  • Damage Effect color: Yellow

Conclusion: PUBG Mobile Settings 2021

Finally, it’s the time to conclude today’s topic on “2021 PUBG Mobile Sensitivity, Control Layout, Graphics Settings“. I hope all you got some good information from today’s post.

This much of settings are enough to improve the gameplay. You take this post as the reference and make good changes in your PUBG Mobile game settings. And I think all of your queries related to PUBG mobile settings are solved by this post.

But also if you have any problem and questions, fell free to email us at: gamersideashub@gmail.com

And you can contact us from our contact us page. There are more ways available the contact us page.

We are always there to help gamers like you. Hope you like this content. We promise to provide more educational post in future. Stay tuned friends. If you have any problem in gaming field, Gamers Ideas is always there to help you.

Thank you so much for giving your precious time to read our post “PUBG Mobile settings”.

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